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Coaching is a process designed to save you money.  Sometimes lots of money.  Try out the free BUDGET CHECKUP to have your personal budget built for you.

Your completed budget shows you areas where you can expect to find the most savings.

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How To Repair Clothes

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needle and thread

Learning to make simple repairs and alterations yourself can save you serious money on your clothing budget.

With a little bit of knowledge and a needle you can extend the life of your current wardrobe.  Add new items to your closet by restoring or custom fitting second hand items.

The Learning Channel has a complete DIY Guide to Mending Clothes at How Stuff Works that covers all the bases.  Learn the basics of mending a tear.  If you are feeling a bit more ambitious you can learn complex repair jobs like putting new tread on your shoes or custom fitting a pair of trousers.

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Low Cost Meals You Can Freeze

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freezer mealsBuying food in bulk can be a good way to save money on your food budget.  The trick is being able to prepare and store ingredients until ready for use.  Natalie at A Turtle’s Life has has some great ideas for Preparing Freezer Meals requiring very little time or money.

She managed to create 46 meals for a family of four in about 4 hours.  Total cost… under $100!

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Easy Jam Recipes

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strawberriesGrowing your own fruit is wonderful but what do you do with all the extra fruit at harvest time? Easy, just make jam from the fruit that would otherwise spoil and tuck it in the freezer for a delicious treat throughout the year.
The traditional method for making jam requires hours of slaving over a hot stove. Who wants to do that during the warm days of summer? Fortunately there is a much easier way.

Check out some easy recipes at SeriousEats

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344 Square Foot Luxury Apartment

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house design

Here is an amazing tiny Apartment in Hong Kong that occupies a miniscule 344 square feet of space.  The owner/architect has created a beautiful and intensely functional home through the clever use of design.  Sliding walls make it possible to completely reconfigure the space quickly.

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