DIY Veggie Chips

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Veggie Chips

Make Your Own Snacks

Try this delicious do-it-yourself food treat idea.  Make your own vegetable chips at home using leftovers.  This inexpensive nutritious snack is easy to make and cost a whole lot less than buying the grocery store alternative.

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Free Credit Report

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Credit CardsThere is one place to get a free copy of your credit report.

If you go to another site promising a free credit report, you could end up spending money.

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Make Money With Surveys?

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A new money making opportunity pops up just about every day on the internet.  Some are harmless diversions while others may pose a threat to your financial well being.  Internet Survey sites promise to pay website visitors for filling out simple product surveys.

TheBudgeteer conducted a study to determine how much money could be made in this way.  The results were not good.

The initial sign up process requires personal information that could be used in a harmful way should it fall into the wrong hands.  Without knowing more about these organizations it is clearly a bad idea to hand over date of birth and social security numbers to whoever these people are.

One of the two survey top sites is very active in sending survey requests.  Each survey must be completed in order to see whether or not one is “qualified” to take part.  There is no way to determine in advance whether or not a survey will pay off.  You work just as hard on the surveys that don’t pay.

NO To Surveys

Each survey comes with a “sweepstakes” that enters your name in a raffle for prizes like a subscription to a magazine nobody wants.

TheBudgeteer recommends caution with just about every internet money making scheme and this one is no exception.

These sites appear to have a specific function.  They provide an easy way to collect private information about consumers.  What they do with this information is anyones guess.

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Beware Debt Settlement

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You have probably seen the ads on TV about debt settlement.  Sounds pretty good right?  According to the pitch, you can borrow money and then you don’t have to pay it all back because a settlement company will make a deal somehow with your creditors.

If you are even considering a settlement, STOP RIGHT NOW and consider some of the facts. Debt Settlement companies are often criminal enterprises masquerading as legitimate business.  They may have a beautiful web site or an expensive looking advertisement but that alone does not mean they won’t disappear with your money, credit card numbers and social security number.
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